Friday, December 01, 2006

Raagas in Film songs

I got a chance to listen to some beautiful flute recitals of certain Kannada movie songs in office yesterday. Never knew we had such a nice collection on our office network. Also, never knew these songs were actually based on different Carnatic and Hindustani raagas. I could hum along most songs. Feels good to share some on this here.

Song : Raga
Moodala maneya : Manj Khamaj.
Few songs in film Aaraadhana are also in this raaga.

Kanneera dhaare ideke ideke : Lalith
This is my favourite depression time song. ANNaavru rocks here. This song has an uncanny resemblance to a Hindi master piece Ek shehenshah ne banvaake haseen Taj Mahal. No wonder both are in the same raaga.

Teredide mane o baa aththi : Shyam Kalyan
The best of two of the best female singers Kannada filmdom was lucky to possess, Vani Jayaram and S Janaki, can be heard in this.

Doni saagali munde hogali : Pahadi
This Kuvempu composition was immortalised through this raaga. Remember Chaudvin ka chaand? Thats the same raaga. Looks like anything slow and soothing is Pahadi.

Hoovu cheluvella tandenditu : Bhimpalasi
Rehman likes this one. Ae ajnabi and Kismat se tum hum ko mile vaguely follow this raaga.

Karedaru keLade : Bihag
Personally I feel this one fits the nadindinta nadindinta beat best.

Nee hinga noDa byaaDa nanna : Shivaranjini
Never knew the song I croon so often these days, Jaane kahaan gaye woh din, is in this raaga.

Hmm. This post is making me feel generally happy now. Nice way to call it a day. Shall go home now.


jere said...
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jere said...

machan.. seems like your seene mein jalan is acting up in full josh.. neways.. welcome back to blogsville..!! :)

n since when do you write poetry..???? where have you stored all your secret transcripts...?? questions unanswered absolutely rocked..!! :)

Mady said...

hmm interesting article. Jus to add to your repertoire:

some of my favorites:
zindagi bhar nahi bhoolenge - yaman kalyan
tum ko dekha to khayal aaya - kamod

some of ur favorites:
jeevan se bhari teri aankhen - bageshree/malgunji (not sure)

was not able to get the raagas of musafir hoon yaron and jhuki jhuki si nazar...

And luks like most of the hindi songs are based on bhairavi, darbari kanada,pahadi